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Highway P Dam Town of Summit, Waukesha, Wisconsin

The Waukesha County Highway P bridge over the Bark River is scheduled for replacement starting in June 2016.  Reconstruction will last into the Fall of 2016. It appears that the dam (or weir) adjacent to the bridge abutment is in conflict with the replacement of the bridge. As a result the dam will need to be relocated and/or replaced as part of the bridge project. This page of the Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District website is dedicated to the highway P dam issue. Check back often. This page will be updated ongoing as the planning, design and construction moves forward and as the issue develops.

Highway P Dam Town of Summit, Waukesha, Wisconsin

Project Description January 2008

Construction Cost $599,000 Waukesha County 20% Federal Funds 80%.The replacement bridge will have a 40 foot clear width versus the current 27 foot clear width. The existing 40.5 foot dam and spillway will need be replaced or removed as part of the project. A portage will be provided to prevent canoeist from crossing CTH P. A bike trail that will connect with the Lake County Trail in the future will also be included. Construction is scheduled to start in 2009 and could extend into the 2010 calendar year.


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