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Until the UNLMD Fireworks Show July 8th, 2023


Dear business proprietor,

The Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District (UNLMD) has developed a website intended to keep district members informed AND to help build community.  The website went, "Live," January 2008.  The "1000 year flood" of 2008 spurned people to look for Upper Nemahbin information on the Web.  The result has been increased traffic to the website.  Hundreds of people access the UNLMD website monthly.  These site viewers are local residents with disposable income and deep loyalties to businesses within the Town of Summit and Lake Country area. 

The UNLMD is offering sponsorships to the district through our website.  By becoming a sponsor, your business will receive a link from a sponsor's page on www.UpperNemahbinLake.com.  The link is to a page on the site where the sponsor will be able to post a menu, specials, coupons, hours, link to the businesses website and whatever else they like for members of the district and other UNLMD website visitors to use.   Standard Sponsorship has an annual non refundable sponsorship fee of $650.

One Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District sponsor will receive a logo link to their page on the website prominently displayed on the Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District website.  This PREMIER link and page has a $1200 non refundable annual sponsorship fee.  The premier sponsor will also have a first right of refusal every year in the future.  All other sponsors will have logo links from the sponsor's page to their page on the Upper Nemahbin website.   UNLMD Members will be encouraged to support and patronize your business if you choose to sponsor uppernemahbinlake.com in every communication from the UNLMD board.  Members will be encouraged to patronize sponsors at the UNLMD annual meeting as well as all other UNLMD meetings. 

The UNLMD website, donated by iNET Web in Waukesha, is cutting edge.  Literally as good as a website gets.  PLEASE take a look at www.uppernemahbinlake.com. The Sponsors page will be the second paddle in the site navigation.  The "premier" sponsor logo will be prominently displayed, above the margin, on the UNLMD home page. 

It is our sincere hope you consider and become a sponsor.  The value of this opportunity is; a great on line image and increased patronage of your business by people with money to spend.  The PREMIER sponsorship is an exclusive opportunity.  The UNLMD would love to have you as a partner helping to preserve, protect and improve the Upper Nemahbin watershed for the community at large to enjoy, ongoing, forever. 

Please contact Steven Libbey at iNET Web with questions or to get your sponsorship page under development right away.  Steve@inet-pc.com 262-574-9400

After one look at the site you will agree, affiliation to the UNLMD will be very positive image marketing for your establishment.  Every penny of your sponsorship will go, unfettered, to the management and enhancement of the Upper Nemahbin watershed.  In return, you will receive increased patronage far beyond the investment of sponsorship. 

Very hopeful regards,

 The Upper Nemahbin Lake Managment District


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