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The Board

Board Major Projects

  • Water Quality Committee (WQC) – (Dave Cone Chairman, Mike Donaubauer, Mark Beres, Kent Brooks and Jennifer Reek) With the removal of the Roller Mill Dam in 2013, the WQC has been meeting with WDNR staff to review and be advised on the permit process to Clean Up the Bark River directly above upper Bark River and mouth of Nemahbin Lake. To start the process to apply for permits, preliminary data was required on the amount of sediment present and the volume of sediment to be removed. During the late 2014 winter, depths and volume was calculated from a survey that was taken through the ice. A report was delivered on the details and sent to the WDNR for review. In response, we were asked to perform further analysis of the sediment which occurred in late spring of 2014. Nine samples were taken on the sediment and submitted to provide the data to fulfill a Solid Waste Permit requirements. From these results, WQC met with several WDNR staff members to discuss if the project is viable and how to proceed in the application of all permits required. WDNR staff stated that the Clean Up of the sediment is a viable project and to proceed with identifying a disposal site and funding in 2015. Contact Dave or Jennifer for more information.


  • CTH P Bridge and Weir reconstruction was presented at the Village open meeting.  The weir will be constructed at the same elevation but will be extended longer to 41 feet to accommodate errors in flood plain modeling that impacts the Nemahbin Lakes.  This project is to be completed in 2016. 


  • New FEMA floodplain maps were published November 5, 2014 that affects the Nemahbin Lakes.  See the link to FEMA website.  Future FEMA maps will be issued after the CTH P reconstruction is completed that may reflect on further changes to the flood elevations by 2018.


  • USGS gage remains to be funded which is a positive for the lakes downstream of the Nagawicka dam.  It is used during flooding events to monitor flood water and to record daily height/volume levels for future flood mapping.


  • Communications Committee (Rudy Ibric, Steve Libbey and Jennifer Reek) recommended updating the UNLMD website with a newer, user friendly back end.  Updates to the site will be easier for us Board members but the look will remain the same.  Contact Rudy or Jennifer for more information. 



  • Jennifer Reek


    Jennifer has been active with lake issues and activities since the Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District was formed in 1991. Her special interests have been watershed management, education, lake safety, social events and public involvement. Jennifer has a background in urban planning and professionally works with planners and engineers as a geographic information system (GIS) coordinator in the public sector. Jennifer enjoys water and nature through activities such as fishing, swi…

  • Joan Beres


    Joan Beres - Secretary

  • Steven R. Libbey

    Board Member

    My wife Draga and I purchased our lot in 2003, moved to the shores of The Mighty Bark River in 2004.  Our two sons and daughter, three of the most kind, intelligent, amazing and cool children in the Village of Summit, have never known another home.  We love Upper Nemahbin, truly, love everything about living here.  You can find us swimming, boating, exploring and generally enjoying the district pretty much every day.  The children are building a database of pictu…

  • Sandy Casterline

    Summit Village Trustee

    Lower Nashotah Lake resident since 2000 and currently employed as a Histotechnologist alongside my elected position as Summit Village Trustee.  I have worked in various laboratory and German Language positions, paid and volunteer, over the past 35 years.  I am married to Vern Casterline and we have 3 grown children.  I enjoy the outdoors, beekeeping and travel along with time together with family—especially on Lower Nashotah Lake.

  • J J Alaily

    Board Member

    My wife, Lyn, and I have lived on the lake since 2014.  We recently built a home on the East Shore and love spending time on the water.  Our family includes our young son Jaxon and our Dog Harper who loves swimming.  As a Wisconsin native I have always enjoyed the many wonderful lakes this state has to offer.  I am a Commercial Real Estate Developer with a primary focus on Retail.  When I am not enjoying the lake, I enjoy downhill skiing and mountain biking.…

  • Dan McCormack

    UNLMD Treasurer

    Karen and I have been lake residents since 2012. We have four grown children and four grandchildren who you will often see enjoying the lake and all that it has to offer with us. We feel very fortunate to have found such a great lake community and by joining the UNLMD board I hope to do my part in helping to give back for an even stronger lake community in the future. I worked in the financial services industry at U.S. Bancorp for 33 years in a number of positions within their Wealt…

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