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News For Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District Members

Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District News will be updated continually.  Old news articles will be archived for future reference.  Many articles will be republished from other sources including articles from before January 2008. (The publication to the web of Uppernemahbinlake.com)  Feel free to submit articles for addition to the Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District.  The articles can be from a reference or your own original content. Your Upper Nemahbin Lake District Board reserves the right to publish or refuse any submission for concerns of content or relevance.  Please help up to make the Upper Nemahbin Lake Managment NEWS page a world class resource for all district members. 

Starry Stonewort Identification Sheet
STARRY STONEWORT Nitellopsis obtusa Starry stonewort is a type of non-native, aquatic algae from Europe and Asia. Unlike the microscopic algae that can make a water body green and cloudy, starry stonewort and its many native relatives in the Characeae family are anchored to the bottom of the lak…
Aquatic Invasive Species Quick Guide
Starry Stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa L.) Description: Starry stonewort is a non-native species of large algae in the Characeae family. It has whorls of 4-6 long branchlets. It is more robust than most members of its family, and can grow to over two meters tall. Anchored by colorless filaments (rhiz…
Starry Stonewort (Nitellopsis obtusa (N.A. Desvaux) J. Groves)
Frequently Asked Questions What is starry stonewort? Starry stonewort (SSW) is a type of large, green algae that superficially resembles a vascular plant. It occurs submersed in lakes, ponds, and slow-moving water bodies, anchored to the sediments with clear filaments called rhizoids. These rhizoi…
Help Conserve UNLMD Wetlands
Purple loosestrife, an invasive wetland perennial reaching three to seven feet tall with up to fifty purple flower spikes stems, is back. Purple loosestrife’s leader stem with many side branches makes it appear bushy. Clipped loosestrife grows back, cut stems re-root producing new plants. Appr…
Rehabilitation and Feasibility Report Fish Hatchery & Nemahbin Roller Mill Dam
City seeks to condemn Zerwekh dam
By KELLY SMITH Staff Writer Lake Country Reporter 10A Thursday, December 9, 2004                                    &n…
'Silk Road' to Delafield was hardly smooth
'Silk Road' to Delafield was hardly smooth By MARGARET E. ZERWEKH Originally published in the Lake Country Reporter Monday, May, 19th 2003 Lake Country roots. Silk built roads across continents and spanned centuries, languages and cultures but on the frontier of  territorial Wisconsin? Yes, …
Upper Nemahbin Lake Watershed Inventory Findings
Upper Nemahbin Lake Watershed Inventory Findings By: South Eastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commision
Zerwekh's apologize for dam break
Lake Country Reporter July 13, 1989 Zerwekh's apologize for dam break A 300- to 400-yard stretch of the Bark River in the Town of Summit has become temporarily unnavigable because of a break in a privately owned dam during the Fourth of July holiday. A board at the bottom of the dam apparently br…
Polluted Runoff
Polluted Runoff  Originally published generically by The Wisconsin Association of Lakes reworked for UpperNemahbin.com by Steven R. Libbey Polluted Runoff In Upper Nemahbin Despite Wisconsin being the first state in the country to enact strong polluted runoff rules, runoff remains Wisconsin's…
Eminent disaster?
Eminent disaster?Controversial government tool under fireZerwekh: Use eminent domain? ‘Drop dead' By CALEY MEALS - GM Today Staff March 6, 2006   Margaret Zerwekh looks over some historical papers in her Delafield home recently. Her property has been the subject o…
Nemahbin Roller Mill Dam Abandonment Project
Nemahbin Roller Mill DamAbandonment ProjectFACT SHEET   What's This Project About? The Nemahbin Roller Mill Dam Abandonment Project will transform a twelve acre impoundment formed by the dam on the Bark River in Waukesha County into a free-flowing stream and natural floodplain. The…
Letter to District Members on Roller Mill Dam from UNLMD Chairman Tim Mentkowski
Hi all, Last week I attended a meeting in Delafield with WDNR regarding Mill Pond Dam abandonment and emergency removal of stop logs in the Roller Mill dam because of the flood. Monday June 16, Bill Barthel and I met with representatives of Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission …
Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District Newsletter
Nemahbin Dam Removal Progress Submittal
FEMA Flood Insurance Study
Nemahbin Roller Mill Dam will be drawn down
FEMA Preliminary Flood Plain Panels for Upper Nemahbin
Upper Nemahbin Resources Upper Nemahbin Historical Plat Documents
Save The Shoreline
Hello you hard working, most intelligent, exceptional in every regard, firework loving Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District resident, (Didn’t think you were just lucky to live in such a great place?) We hope fall 2012 find you happy and well.  The district had a good year and the majo…
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