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Hello you hard working, most intelligent, exceptional in every regard, firework loving Upper Nemahbin Lake Management District resident, (Didn’t think you were just lucky to live in such a great place?)

We hope fall 2012 find you happy and well.  The district had a good year and the majority was the only group present at the 2012 annual meeting. PLEASE don’t let yourself believe you are not needed at every annual meeting. Sooner or later people will show up to try and take control back…. Remember it is one Thursday night in the first couple of weeks of August… Every year.

The UNLMD has a couple of needs. I thought it might be a good time to reach out to you all. Maybe you have some spare time, maybe you love the district, maybe you have an adult child who would like the experience of serving the community or maybe you just know someone who would like to be the Recording Secretary of the UNLMD or some combination of the preceding. There are a half dozen meetings all year.  It is a great way to stay completely plugged in and give back a little.

Additionally, the district needs some legal help. Pat Corcoran our UNLMD Chair Person has reached out looking for a recording secretary AND a lawyer who might be able to fill a piece of gap left by Tim Mentkowski’s untimely death this past winter.  If you know someone who has the skills and might be willing to contribute please have them contact Pat Corcoran directly at pcorcoran4@wi.rr.com

Thanks for being everything in the fall 2012 greeting!

My very best regards,
Steven R. Libbey

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